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How To Put On Makeup

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How to put on Makeup for both Day and Night


Advice On How To Put On Makeup For Daytime Events

Many women want to know how to put on makeup that will accentuate their best features. They want to make sure that they look perfect before they leave home and as they arrive to their place of work. When they have imperfections on their face, they try to hide those flaws by putting makeup. They can also brighten up their mood when they apply makeup since color can hide their pale appearance. The following are tips on how to apply makeup for daytime events.


Stick To The Natural Look

During daytime events or parties, women should make sure that they achieve the natural look by putting the right shade of makeup. They need to learn the basics on how to put on makeup. They need to go easy on the shade for the lipstick, eye shadow, and blush. Too much makeup can make any person appear unattractive. Moreover, it is never ideal for women to go to the office with thick makeup. Such kind of look is inappropriate for daytime activities or office work.


Choose The Perfect Shade

When a person chooses the shade of makeup, she should know her skin tone upomn which she will base the color of the makeup. She can ask a friend or an expert in cosmetics, so that she will know the ideal shade that she should use for her face. Another way for a person to find out the skin tone is by testing a small amount of make up on the inner forearm. A bit of foundation or lipstick can be used to check the shade that is perfect for the skin tone.


Check Magazines and Online Resources

When studying on how to put on makeup, most fashion experts agree that makeup should be based on the season, as well as the person’s skin tone. It is as good idea to look at magazines articles to learn about the ideal makeup for the particular season, so that you will look fashionable even with subtle makeup.


Advice On How To Put On Makeup For Nightime Events

The secret of daytime make up is generally to keep the look as natural as possible. Nightime makeup is where you can be more daring and adventurous.

Pick colors that accentuate, or contrast with your evening outfit. Use colour to bring your face alive at night

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how to put on makeup


How to put on Makeup


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How To Put On Makeup – Tips

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Essential Tips On How To Put On Makeup

Most women are eager to learn how to put on makeup, so that they can look their best whether they are in the workplace or out at a party. Aside from the perfect outfit, makeup can add to the overall beauty of a person. Skillfully applied makeup can accentuate and highlight the best features of your face. Makeup can also hide some flaws and imperfections. It is not difficult for anyone to put on makeup properly, you just need to know the basic steps in applying makeup. We will now take you throught the simple steps to beautifully applied makeup.

Determine The Skin Tone

Firstly you need to find out what your skin tome is. This is the most important step in putting makeup effectively. You can have great success in using the ideal shade of lipstick, foundation, and eye shadow when you know your skin tone. The typical classifications of skin tone are white, pink, olive, and golden. Once you have identified your skin tone, you can choose the ideal colors for your skin.


Consider The Occasion

It is very important to remembers that the makeup must be suitable for the location and occasion. That’s one of the basics when studying how to put on makeup. If you are attending a formal party, you may want to wear a dramatic makeup. However, it is essential to stick to a more  natural look when putting makeup for the office or casual day wear.


Know The Best Facial Feature

You can look stunning with the use of makeup, as long as you accentuate the loveliest part of your face. For instance, you might want to make your eyes sparkle with the perfect shade of eye shadow and eyeliner for your beautiful eyes. Some people on the other hand might want to flaunt their great cheekbones by applying the right shade of blush on the cheeks. Depending on what facial feature or features that you want to accentuate, you need to apply makeup in just the right amounts and shade.


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How to put on Makeup


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How To Put On Makeup For A Natural Look

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Tips On How To Put On Makeup For A Natural Look

The natural look is ideal for job interviews and office work, and all women should know how to put on makeup that would help them achieve a subtle appearance and natural look. Most people are instinctively attracted to simple look, and there are different shades of makeup that can produce this look. The most important thing to remember is that you should know your skin tone and build your makeup around you skin color. When you are familiar with the exact color of your skin, you can determine the right shade of makeup that you need to use.



Use A Concealer That Matches The Skin Tone


Makeup is used for hiding imperfections in the skin, and women should start applying concealer before they put on foundation. The best concealer color for those with olive skin tone is yellow, while those with white or pink skin can use a cream-colored concealer. The best way to apply concealer is by dotting the areas gently. Then, the dots should be smudged lightly by using the fingertips.


Cover Up With Foundation


When working on how to put on makeup, after a person has applied concealer, she may pat the face with powder or liquid foundation. The shade should be perfect for the skin tone, so it would help the person to dab a small amount on the cheek before applying on the entire face.


Choose Earth Tones For Makeup


With the study on how to put on makeup, earth tones are ideal for a natural look on the face. Women should go for beige or nude shades for the lipstick, eye shadow and blush. They should apply makeup with gentle and light strokes, so that they could avoid putting too much makeup. Moreover, they need to stay in a well-lit room, so that they will check the exact quality and appearance after they have applied makeup. Those who put on makeup in a dark or dim room will not see the actual image when they are outdoors.


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How to put on Makeup

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